About Us  

Botany Chiropractic Centre has a long history and has been an active part of the East Auckland area and community throughout the last decade.

The Chiropractors

Dr. Byron Kemp

Byron is a young, fun loving family man originally from Australia (please don’t hold that against us). He’s lived in New Zealand for over 11 years now and finds himself cheering for the Kiwi’s from time to time! Fitness, sports, athletic performance as well as general wellbeing are his focus. Byron leads the team at Botany Chiropractic Centre as the primary practitioner and is always ready and willing to help in anyway he can.

Dr. Yi Huang

Dr. Yi, also known as Byron’s better half, is passionate about providing care to pregnant woman, newborns, kids and families. Raising a toddler and carrying their second, she understands both the great and not so great that comes with having and raising children. She understands first hand how Chiropractic care and pregnancy work so well together and is experienced in managing and caring for children, allowing kids to flourish at all ages and stages in life. Yi speaks both English and Mandarin.

Dr. Murray Findlay

Murray has wealth of experience and knowledge at hand. He has practiced at Botany Chiropractic Centre for over 10 years. He spends the majority of his time giving back to the profession lecturing and tutoring at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Murray balances this, his family life and more, all the while continuing to provide to quality Chiropractic care at Botany Chiropractic Centre.

Our CA’s

Over the phone or walking through our doors you’re greeted by two welcoming voices. Our Chiropractic Assistants (CA’s) Carmen and Lynda add a special intimate touch to your time in our doors. They strive to make your visits unique and enjoyable, while answering any questions and assisting anyway possible.

Carmen arrived from South Africa 17 years ago. Having worked in the medical and health industry for over a decade, Carmen loves the interactions she experiences everyday with our wonderful clients. Helping individuals and families achieve greater levels in health expression through education and care is paramount in her values.

Lynda loves all things in natural health. Having found Chiropractic 9 years prior, the improvements she made through Chiropractic Care was so inspirational she changed her line of work. Since then Lynda has flourished as a Chiropractic Assitant, finding her home at Botany Chiropractic Centre.