About Us  

Caring for the people of East Auckland over the last 15 years, our practice was once named Botany Chiropractic Centre. However, to better reinforce our specific Practice Focus we decided a change was needed. 

Platinum Chiropractic focuses on the process of Structural Correction. Where the Chiropractic care, service and attention to detail remains as great as it always has been, but now even further alignment with our goals and outcomes!

The Chiropractors

Dr. Byron Kemp

Byron is fun loving family man originally from Australia (please don’t hold that against us). He’s lived in New Zealand for over 15 years and occasionally finds himself cheering for the Kiwi’s from time to time! Fitness, sports, athletic performance as well as general wellbeing are his focus. Dr. Byron has years of experience caring for and managing many national and international representative athletes. He understands that Chiropractic Care is an integral part of the foundations of health, and recognises the importance of many other aspects of body function also. His continued study, learning and experience in exercise, nutrition and mental health only reinforce the outcomes he achieves with his patients.

Byron leads the team at Platinum Chiropractic as the primary practitioner and is always ready and willing to help in any way he can.

Dr. Yi Huang

Dr. Yi, also known as Byron’s better half, is passionate about providing care to pregnant woman, newborns, kids and families. With two young and healthy children of her own, she understands both the great and not so great that comes with having and raising children. She understands first-hand how Chiropractic care and pregnancy work so well together and is experienced in managing and caring for children, allowing kids to flourish at all ages and stages in life. Yi speaks both English and Mandarin.

Dr. Murray Findlay

Murray has wealth of experience and knowledge at hand. He has practiced at Platinum Chiropractic for over 15 years. He spends the majority of his time giving back to the profession lecturing and tutoring at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Murray balances this, his family life and more, all the while continuing to provide to quality Chiropractic care at Platinum Chiropractic.

Dr. Carmen Chin

The most recent addition to our team is excited to be a part of the amazing team at Platinum Chiropractic! Carmen grew up in Christchurch and moved to Auckland to pursue Chiropractic. She dedicated 5 years to the sport that she loves which is Fencing. In her free time she will most likely be in a cafe with a coffee in hand, or out and about exploring the beaches and bays. Her passion is providing the community Chiropractic care, as she believes everyone will be able to live their best versions of themselves, spreading health and happiness. Dr. Carmen is experienced in the recovery and management of the many common issues that occur in our busy lives, and has a solid focus on maintenance care moving forward. In addition to that wonderfully bright smile, she speaks both English and Cantonese!

Our Chiropractic Assistants

Over the phone or walking through our doors you’re greeted by a delightful and welcoming voice. Our Chiropractic Assistants (CA) strive to make your visit unique and enjoyable, while answering any questions and assisting anyway possible.